Flood Information

It’s good to know what to expect when you’ve made a claim on your insurance policy. 

If you have received the acknowledgement from us when you initially lodged your claim, read on for more information and next steps.

We will be in touch as soon as we can

We know this is a stressful time for you and your family. Our main task is to make your property safe to live in or getting it ready for repairs.

We are working hard to prioritise your claim and we will contact you very soon to schedule a time to visit your property.

The first contact you may receive could be from a builder, or our sister company Mode Projects, who we have appointed to provide immediate assistance to do make safe work to your property.

An Assessor may not attend until the urgent work has been completed first. 

Do what you can to help

Here are some helpful tips that will assist your claim and speed up the process.

  • Move any affected contents away from the affected area(s), where possible.
  • Remove carpets that have been affected – retaining a sample to assist with the replacement process.
  • Create airflow throughout the property by leaving windows and doors open where possible.
  • Photograph all property or contents damage or any other evidence relevant to your claim.
  • Click here, if you have a contents claim, to complete your itemised list of damaged contents.

What can you expect from us during the repairs journey?

Our assessment will ensure your property is safe for repairs. This may mean stripping out affected flooring, insulation and/or wall linings, undertaking electrical checks, and arranging for removal of debris. 

Scoping And Pricing

A building estimator or loss adjuster may attend, or if required, other specialists may be engaged to estimate the extent and cost of repairs. Multiple parties such as building estimators, engineers or restoration experts may need to access your property to carry out the work.

Once the scoping exercise has been completed, the next steps will be advised to you either by your insurance company or our team.

Important information and changing your claim

  • If Mode Projects is managing the damage assessment process, please contact them directly via contact@modeprojects.co.nz

We thank you in advance for your patience.