Claim Management

Calm in a crisis, supportive in a loss.

At McLarens, we provide a forward-thinking, customer-focused claim handling service that augments people with technology.

Our aim is to elevate the claim experience by delivering an effective and efficient service for the policy holder, Insurer and other key stakeholders.

Customer Solution Centre

The industry in New Zealand is changing and our clients each have different models and expectations of their service providers. For us, the Customer Solution Centre (CSC) is able to respond to these different expectations and maintain a consistently high-quality product.

The CSC team is both our front line and the heart of our claim response. Taking notifications of loss, performing triage assessments, identifying the right resource to progress, or resolve, the claim while providing an exceptional customer experience throughout the life of the claim. Ensuring the right services are engaged with to resolve any technical needs.

The CSC focus is to connect the Insured with the appropriate service at the right time and to do so utilises our advanced claim management system, Centric and ConnectMe portals to manage a high level of delivery. The CSC is made up of a scalable team of dedicated claim specialists with extensive experience across varied claim products including Third Party Administration, Delegated Levels of Authority and Managed Funds and business process outsourcing solutions.

The Third Party Administration service incorporates advanced analytics capabilities, highly automated services, and seamless processes, from First Notice Of Loss through to settlement. Once the claim is under way, our easily accessible system provides customers with transparency to track the progress and interact with those involved as we manage their entitlements through to settlement or resolution.

Contact us on 0800 765 848 or find a CSC representative.

Natural Disaster Cover By Insurance - Major Loss - McLarens


As claim-triggering events do not always occur during regular business hours, McLarens offers the enhanced customer satisfaction and response levels achieved through our unique Twenty4Seven service.

This gives customers immediate access to our experienced claims professionals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It provides a unique combination of people, processes and technology to deliver an after hours virtual call centre that provides the most effective and efficient solution to your needs - any time, anywhere.

The calls are handled by our skilled team with knowledge of products, policies and processes. The aid they can provide varies from assisting with arranging temporary accommodation and/or arranging first response contractors to assist in mitigating damage and completing temporary repairs as well as providing the customer with support and guidance during the initial stages.

When integrated with our Emergency Works Service, customers’ immediate needs are taken care of too. This not only provides a great service that helps to mitigate damage, but most importantly, ensures a level of support and safety for the customer.

Emergency Works

Our Twenty4Seven service has the additional benefit of enabling us to undertake emergency works in a proactive and responsive manner rather than waiting until the next business day - again, significantly enhancing the customers’ experience and minimising or eliminating the stress impact on them.

The combined supply services of ModeConnect, using our supplier portal PartnerConnect, facilitates our capabilities to respond immediately to emergency situations through the provision of services that include, but are not limited to:

•   Flood restoration
•   Earthmovers
•   Glaziers
•   Locksmiths
•   Tow Companies
•   Plumbers
•   Builders
•   Arborists
•   Roofers
•   Accommodation Providers.

We have designed this response to be flexible so that emergency works can be connected to the claim or, where not claim related, the costs are passed on to the customer depending on the circumstances and/or pre-agreements in place.