Embracing Pink Causes

Pink Shirt Day and Pink Ribbon events recently united our teams nationwide for meaningful causes.

Pink Shirt Day goes beyond wearing pink—it's about spreading kindness and addressing bullying, a significant issue in New Zealand with high reported rates.

Our teams across the country actively participated, sharing personal stories that underscored the importance of Pink Shirt Day. Proceeds from bake sales were donated to the Mental Health Foundation, reinforcing our commitment to supporting mental well-being.

Pink Shirt Day 2024 - McLarens NZ

In Christchurch, Vickie Atkinson and Tarah Burt led a vibrant pink-themed charity lunch in support of breast cancer awareness. The event raised $859 through activities like 'Guess The Jar' and a raffle. Highlights included Andrew MacLeod's near-perfect guess in the jar contest and Shreya Ghai winning a prize pack filled with generous donations.

Michelle Baker stood out as the 'Pinkest Dressed' participant, adding to the event's festive spirit. The day also featured a touching slideshow on breast cancer facts and stories, emphasising the importance of awareness.

Pink Ribbon Chch 2024

These events demonstrate our team's dedication to making a difference in our community, one pink-themed charity initiative at a time.