NZUAC: Connections and Sustainability

What a fantastic day it was at the New Zealand Underwriting Agencies Council (NZUAC) Expo! As proud sponsors of this event, we at McLarens were absolutely thrilled to be a part of this year's gathering, and it's safe to say that the theme, "Challenging Markets and Innovative Solutions," was the perfect backdrop for an incredible day of networking with all attendees.

At the heart of our participation was our commitment to sustainability, and we eagerly shared our passion through the McLarens CommUNITY message. We believe in the power of community and eco-friendly practices, and we took this opportunity to spread the word. To further our mission, we gifted locally sourced honey and basil seeds.

NZUAC Expo 2023_McLarens CommUNITY

But our engagement didn't stop at eco-conscious gifts. We added a dash of fun to the day with games and prizes, ensuring that everyone had a blast and left with a smile.

We want to extend a huge shoutout to NZUAC for putting together such a memorable event. It was a day filled with valuable connections, a celebration of innovation, and a strong focus on sustainability. We're already looking forward to the next one!