Worst rain for 57 years floods Napier

The state of emergency in Napier has been lifted after torrential rain and floods earlier this week, with over 100 homes left uninhabitable.

McLarens and Mode have coordinated a response to support our clients and customers in responding to the number of priority claims that have come in due to the heaviest rains in the region in 57 years.

Over 20% of claims received are deemed a Priority 1 with many elderly and vulnerable residents displaced from their homes. Due to the force and nature of the flood, we have seen a significant number of customers requiring emergency accommodation as assessments of these priority claims continue.

Our Napier office has been bolstered by resources from around the country to ensure we are accurately triaging and prioritising those vulnerable clients who have immediate needs, given many of their belongings and homes are now deemed seriously damaged and/or contaminated.

Alongside our adjusting resources, we have several dedicated teams through our national trade network, ModeConnect, engaged in make safe and emergency works providing an end to end service. These teams are working on:

  • Strip out and emergency works
  • Silt and debris removal for residential and commercial properties and hard landscaping
  • Commercial sanitising
  • Removal of contaminated property
  • Restoration and reinstatement building works

With a number of commercial claims starting to come in our experience BI and Forensic Accounting team are responding to the BI issues emerging in the region.

In addition to providing resources on the ground in Napier, the use of our ConnectMeLIVE technology allows for desk-based management, where that fits with Insurers guidelines. The use of this real-time video and photo capture technology is proving very successful for us, allowing for improved response times for those most in need, whilst at the same time having a team of desktop personnel moving the lower priority claims forward.

For new notifications for loss adjusting please email claims@mclarens.co.nz or call 0800 765 848

For new instructions for Mode please email
contact@modeprojects.co.nz or call 0508 677 677