Elevating Catastrophe Response

In the wake of recent catastrophes that have tested the resolve and resilience of New Zealand, a united team has emerged, bound by a shared vision to emerge stronger and more capable of serving our valued customers. This collective determination has led to the creation of a new role that aims to elevate our response to catastrophes. At the forefront of this new endeavor is Trina Far, who has been recently promoted to the position of National Catastrophe Event Coordinator.

Trina Far Promotion

As weather-related challenges continue to impact New Zealand this year, Trina's role holds immense significance. Her expertise uniquely positions her to navigate complex situations, offering a guiding hand during critical moments. Beyond her skills, it's Trina's compassionate leadership that truly sets her apart. Her promotion signifies our commitment to not only efficient disaster management but also to the well-being of those affected.

Congratulations to Trina for this well-deserved achievement.