AICLA Prize Winners 2021

Drumroll and Celebration time!

McLarens team members from across the globe are being recognized by the industry for their incredible expertise and hard work.

Jon Stagg, Chartered Loss Adjuster, McLarens New Zealand, won the New Zealand Division Council Prize.

AICLA Winners
Ernest Khong Jian en, Senior Engineering Adjuster, McLarens Singapore, won TWO awards (wow!), one for Loss Adjusting Diploma Prize and the other for SYD McDonald Young Adjuster Prize.

Nathan B., Liability Loss Adjuster, McLarens Australia, won the Charles Buchanan Prize. All of these prizes were presented by AICLA - QLD Division.

You can read more about the awards and the winners here - 

We're so proud of our colleagues.

Congratulations and a round of applause for you, gentlemen!